So this is our introductory post.

From now on we will be posting our random art in this blog whenever we get free time on our hands. There’s not much with this blog though, just posting art and having fun, to remind ourselves and also you readers as well that we can make art whatever situation we are in. Plain and Simple. heart

The blog is almost complete. The website isn’t responsive yet so it might look broken in smaller screens specially on mobile devices. There might be also bugs from time to time but please bear with us. We are fixing these stuff and it will be finished soon.

I would like to thank my team mate Krry, for helping me develop this blog. Because of her, this blog materialized. I also thank the new members for joining this blog! Please check them out on the about us page, they are really cool artists. :)

That’s it! Stay Tuned for more posts :) Thanks for stopping by :)

So let’s spread the love and love life through art. heart


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