Our booth at O-kun fiesta 2015

Hi Friends!

Heartsy Visual participated in O-Kun Fiesta 2015 as an exhibitor on their artists' alley. It is our first time (as heartsy visual) to join such event. It was held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines last May 16, 2015.

We titled our Event "SUNRISE" because we think that art should give people inspiration or "light" to help them move on in whatever they do. It is sunrise because it connotes "morning" synonymous to a "new beginning".

For our first time event, it's not bad, since our team had fun together and also it was delightful seeing our artworks put smiles on many people who passed by our booth.


Here are some more images from the Event:

Sunrise: Heartsy Visual Poster

Here is the poster to promote our event. Heartsy Muse here is illustrated by AkaReikou.

Setting up our booth.

The stage before the event starts.

The long line of the Artists' Alley. And look! there's AkaReikou being busy. (the girl with the pink bonnet)

There's four of us on duty: There's Laiden Cerise (the girl with the long hair down, in heartsy uniform), There's me (Sky Reed) the only guy, and Mino (the girl in yellow, short hair). And the fourth one is supposed to be with AkaReikou, but she always avoids the camera. The girl with twin tails and red hat is Sinagtala, soon to join our group (hopefully, lol). She actually found the art booth slot for the event and shared it with us. She is a great artist too! :) You've got to see her work, here.

Laiden takes a selfie with Sinagtala. Thank you very much Sinagtala for opening up this opportunity for us.

A closer look on our booth.

The poster in our booth. Since AkaReikou doesn't have a photo, I will just congratulate her here, since a lot of people really loved her artworks. You go, sis! :)

Another Heartsy member, Maldita the girl on the left side visited us. She has other priorities for that day so she wasn't able to stay long but thank you for your support! :)

Some other shenanigans.


Well, I think that's a lot of photos already. I also want to thank all the friends who visited us and all the people who appreciated our booth.

Bye! Until next time :)



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