Mariposa - The Vizier of Souls

Hi Guys! This is another artwork from me!

This is Mariposa, the Vizier of Souls. She is basically a magical girl and my heroine for my upcoming story (I'm not sure if I'm going to do it though) but when I continue it, It would be on wattapad, since it's more difficult if I did a manga. I always planned doing mangas but ended up doing nothing because it's really difficult. Doing manga is not really that simple because I have to do a story first, the script, the paneling and then the actual comics, which really takes a lot of skill and time to do. So for now, I might be doing a story in script form so if ever I want to turn it on a manga it will be easier. But, I'm not sure yet. I will just share details soon, If I'm really sure about my story.

Basically her design is like a deviation from the usual magical girl leader heroine which uses bright colors specially pink. This time, I used black and gold theme for her palette because this is the color of elegance, which she will become as the story progresses - Yes, she starts off just like any other magical girl heroine: Clumsy, Cheerful and Kind hearted. Her title is the Vizier of souls. Vizier means "minister" so basically, she is the minister of souls, and butterfly is the symbolism of souls (and psyche) so that's where the butterfly design came from.

Mariposa is actually an old character design of mine and has already a story (plot at least) and as I have said, I am trying to revamp both her story and her design and this is the result. And yes, she does look creepy for a semi-realistic design, so I'm sorry about that, I'm going to improve it more next time.


The image can be a wallpaper for 1280 x 800 screen. But what I have posted here is the low quality version. You can download the high quality one at its deviantart entry. CLICK HERE.


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Idol! yay