Just sharing the portrait of my OC Cheverlina. I did this as a part of my 30-Day OC challenge. But I'm not going to explain it here.

Instead, I'm going to share you a glimpse of my process:

First, I did my sketch:

Then on my vector software, I traced it again.

Because my sketch is usually one shot, meaning I don't do erasures and continue until it's finished, (I was using a ballpen) I had to do all the corrections in the software, so I did some tweaking to improve her looks and proportions. But I still had to look at references and think hard on how to correct them, so it's not really an easy task.

On the illustration above, you can see the efforts I did to improve my sketch. lol.

So here's the final line art, and the colored version.


Have a great day!

-Sky Reed xoxo

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