Heartsy Visual is organised by Sky Reed, because he feels like all the artworks he posts every week on Facebook looks untidy and they should be all put on one special place, so voila! Here’s the blog.

The name “Heartsy” comes from the portmanteau of heart and artsy. Meaning that art is an expression of love - for Sky at least. He always wanted to make a place that has a gentle and caring feel that’s why he chose to use hearts as the design concept of the blog.

Heartsy Visual is a blog for people who love art. The artists are composed of different independent artists but only one thing brought them here together, and that is the love of art.

Heartsy Visual believes that art is the expression of love and can never be discriminating or discriminated.

Art is also a language of life. In life we experience many situations and all  emotions like happiness, saddness, anger, peace and love are natural. These feelings are meant to be experienced.

But all feelings are better expressed through art rather than getting swayed easily and hurting others.

So, Let us all express our feelings and make art!

Sky Reed